New record. Southampton Boundddddd

Okay so its the 19th of March and we’re all in Southampton recording our brand new record. We cannot wait to get this released, we’ve got some cool promotional idea’s to go alongside it too so keep your eyes peeled.

I know I say this every time I do one of these things but it really has been a long time since we’ve kept any of you updated via our blog.  The last few months have been hectic for us,  we spent a lot of time working on the new songs for our EP and i think it shows big time! I just hope everyone likes them as much as us! The demo’s sound sick so if they are anything to go by this new EP will sound BEEEFFYYYY!

We’ve got a tour coming up in April with our good friends in Scream Don’t Whisper and Third Place Victory! and so far we’ve got it all pretty much booked, we’ll put the full listings up on our facebook ASAP and also get a poster out to promote the shittt out of it.

On another positive note we’ve entered this years ‘Cardiffs Got Talent’ and we’re already through to round 2, there’s 2 rounds left until the final so any support from you guys would be greatly appreciated.  We’re playing our next heat on the 24th of April in The Globe in Cardiff…..COMEEEE ALONGGGG.

This week we’ve got new promo shots, new blog videos and loads of exciting news on our new EP.

Stay posted, stay classy.

Gareth X

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This is it. No more changes.

Okay i bet your as confused as we are,  the last few weeks have been quite strange, we’ve had tour dates changed,  a new name (which i will explain shortly) and a million different dates flying around for when the EP is going to be up for Pre-order. How ever with all that said we are now starting to get things confirmed and it won’t be long til we tell y’allll about it.

So the mystery EP which we have been talking about for nearly 4 months.  It is actually finished, i promise you that,  it sounds amazing, i promise you that too and the artwork is 95% finished,  as soon as that has been done a Pre-order date will be announced, with a release date to follow.  ‘We’re almost there’ will be released through Iamightyrecords and we cannot wait for everybody to hear it,  we’re so excited!

I know the question on some peoples lips,  i appreciate that its not many of you as not many people know to care; but is why have we changed our name after a month or two of promotion?  That is a good question my fellow wordpress friends.  Okay so it is a pretty long story but in a nutshell its because we didn’t think that the reserve best suited our genre and just didn’t fit with the style of the EP,  there are other reasons but that is basically it.  So  ‘Boy set sail’  has been born however the sound is the same,  and we’re also still as good looking! If you don’t agree your silly!

Have i missed anything?  TOUR.  Okay this tour has been promised for about 4 month as well.  Anyway, we’ve got a mini tour lined up in September,  2 of the shows have been booked we’re waiting on confirmation of the other two dates and that will be online.  Also…..we’re doing an 8 date UK tour in December with a band from England who will be announced shortly,  we’re also super stoked for these shows and we hope we’ll make a lot of fans along the way.

Anyway, i haven’t eaten breakfast yet,  even though now its probably lunch,  i like to mix things up,  its how i roll, woop woop!

Take care social media friends and be sure to spread the word about BOY SET SAIL.

Love xx

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Hello world!

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